Meet our Team!

Our team includes the Board of Directors,
Staff, Consultants, and Volunteers.

Profile picture of Director Angelique Nixon

Angelique Nixon (she/her)


Angelique is a Black queer feminist writer, artist, scholar, and activist. She is a director of CAISO: Sex and Gender Justice and a lecturer at the UWI Institute for Gender and Development Studies. She leads a number of projects and activities, with a focus on Community Engagement, Grants & Operations, and Communications.

Profile picture of Director Omar Mohammed

Omar Mohammed (he/him)


Omar is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cropper Foundation, a leading Caribbean nonprofit organisation and has significant experience in the field of development management. He firmly believes that intersectional perspectives are central to truly sustainable development. Omar leads CAISO projects with a focus on Grants and Operations.

Profile picture of Director Cathy Shepherd

Cathy Shepherd (she/her)


A feminist activist since 1981, Cathy has 34 years of professional experience in information services and management, and practical experience in NGO administration with the Lions Club of Port of Spain Central, Rape Crisis Society and the Trinidad and Tobago HIV/AIDS Alliance. She leads various projects with CAISO focusing on Communications and Operations.

Profile picture of Director Elron Elahie

Elron Elahie (he/him)


Elron’s work and experience are situated in the fields of access to justice, procedural fairness, sex and gender, and addressing inequalities. Elron works closely with CAISO’s community-building efforts and systems management. He also serves on the admin and legal team of the Wholeness and Justice programme.

Profile picture of Johannah-Rae Reyes

Johannah-Rae Reyes (she/her)

Project & Community Outreach

Johannah is an activist, organiser, and sign language interpreter. She currently works with CAISO as the Project & Community Outreach Associate, where she coordinates a number of projects, including Sign Together. Johannah is also leading community engagement across CAISO’s projects and programmes.

Profile picture of Kellog Nkemakolam

Kellog Nkemakolam (he/they)

Programme & Research Officer

Kellog’s primary interest is human rights work that takes a socio-legal approach and prioritises expanding rights awareness, justice-seeking and access to redress for all. Kellog has experience in social justice advocacy and has completed training on diverse sexualities and gender. They co-manage the programme’s operations.

Profile picture of Rae Alibey

Rae Alibey (she/her)

Community Caseworker
Wholeness & Justice

Rae has several years of experience partnering with LGBTQI+ organisations to deliver psycho-social care to community members, develop their potential for self-advocacy, and advocate for gender equality. Rae holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is pursuing a Master’s in Applied Psychology at The University of the West Indies.

Profile picture of Donielle Jones

Donielle Jones (she/her)

Community Lawyer
Wholeness & Justice

Donielle was called to the bar of attorneys of Trinidad and Tobago in 2008. She has a well-rounded practice and specialises in Criminal Law, Family Law and Civil Litigation. She believes in volunteerism and offers services to several civil society groups. Donielle is passionate about obtaining equality of treatment for all persons despite creed, race, class or nationality.

Profile picture of Akilah Riley-Richardson

Akilah Riley-Richardson (she/her)

Community Therapist
Wholeness & Justice

Akilah is a Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Her past work with LGBTQI+ communities includes direct clinical interventions, clinical supervision as part of projects aimed at serving the needs of the population, and the provision of training to local and regional organisations that serve sexual minorities.

Profile picture of Psyche Gonzales

Psyche Gonzales (she/her)

Financial Manager

Psyche has over 20 years of experience working with SMEs and NGOs as an accountant and/or business consultant. She also holds a Master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies from the University of the West Indies. Her research is centred on Caribbean and Postcolonial Studies and Gender, Race and Ethnicity, with a particular focus on Indigenous Ethnology.

Profile picture of Jo Johnson

Jo Johnson (she/her)

Content & Social Media

Jo is a Caribbean womanist who believes in leading and living with her heart. It is this passion and sincerity that guides her work and efforts in the areas of youth and gender development and climate justice. With degrees in Communication Studies and International Relations, she routinely lends her talents to various projects and initiatives that centre marginalised communities.

Profile picture of Chinyere Brown

Chinyere Brown (she/they)

Research & Admin

Chinyere believes in community, education and art as powerful decolonial tools. Her experience primarily includes research that informs work on gender, race, and class justice. Chinyere is deeply committed to the Caribbean and the Black diaspora. She is pursuing an MSc in Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies.

Profile picture of Alessandra Hereman

Alessandra Hereman (she/her)

Research & Admin

Alessandra Hereman is a Trinidad-based, Guyanese trans woman, feminist, and community-based researcher. She works with NGOs and civil society organisations across the region to advocate for LGBTQI+ rights. Alessandra is pursuing an MPhil in Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies.

Dominique Absalom (she/her)


Dominique is a passionate Population Health graduate student with experience in designing and implementing awareness programmes. She is committed to identifying and improving upon a health-based system, with a focus on gender, sexuality, and health. Dominique worked with CAISO to create and launch the HIV Toolkit.

Taylor Lutchman (she/her)


Taylor is a trans person of colour and her identity drives her to promote a vision of equity and protection of all. She has a BSc in Psychology from the UWI and aims to further her academic knowledge in the pursuit of irrefutable evidence-based research into the human experience as it relates to gender, sex and sexuality.

Profile picture of Chandelle O'Neil

Chandelle O’Neil (they/them)


Chandelle is an LGBTQI+ activist who works with CAISO to foster a greater understanding of our community.

Profile picture of Shaden Alexander

Shaden Alexander (she/they)


Shaden is a queer artist and designer who works with CAISO on Community Engagement and Outreach.

Profile picture of Maiah Cooper

Maiah Cooper (she/they)


Maiah is a Social Media Marketing Specialist. She worked with CAISO to develop its content and social media strategy.

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